Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In the sun, I move quickly. Energized by its warmth and promise of outdoor activities, fueled to cross as many things off of my to-do list as early in the day as possible so that after nap time we are free to go on walks, take road trips with the sun roof open and enjoy the beauty of our southern springtime. Monday was a sunny day, which spurred me to get just about everything on my to-do list for the week accomplished. Well yesterday the weather began to turn and alas it can not be sunny all the time.

So we do impromptu indoor activities. Like our version of a petting zoo!
And her new favorite sport: toilet paper unrolling:
(She knows when she's busted)

but to preface the good welcome of yesterday's rain. An entire day of gray skies, slick reflective pavement and the calming hum of steady rain, whispering Do Less.

We did less. And it was good.

...and our only Do Less disclaimer was that we baked, cookies and stewed homemade soup. We left the dirty dishes abide by the whole Do Less rules, of course. And the daddy being the sweet man he is did them for me last night!

And we made this:(my mom has always wanted to do this!)
The dress she came home from the hospital in, framed in her room. So tiny.
Jared made a point of saying that he didn't think it looked that small, that he was pretty sure she could maybe wear it as a shirt still, maybe! To which I reminded him it was a dress and that in 15 years when we hold her first prom dress up to it, he may be singin' a different tune, which as you can imagine spawned a discussion of whether or not she will be attending prom!
(she will!)

I can honestly say lately my girl and I have been completely in sync. I've been noticing new blonde streaks in her hair, new sounds in her vocabulary. And I am feeling present and thankful and patient and not even seeing the half part of that glass-is-half-full. It's just full right now--pure and simple, life is good.

It's raining again this morning, and while there's dirty laundry piled in the corner of our bedroom, and I should probably be cleaning the spare bathroom there are old 90's sitcom re-run's calling my name! So while my girl naps, I sit here sipping my second cup of coffee, still in sweats, encouraged by the slow melodious drip of raindrops on the deck, watching re-run's on this rainy day!

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